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A Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers Romance

★★★★★ Filled with combustible chemistry, angst, drama, secrets, family, romance, and humor, which leads to an entertaining and steamy riveting page turner. ~ Wendy L.

★★★★★ These two who had vowed to never be involved again, get all kinds of involved again, and manage to make things so much better. ~ Huskygrl

All My Love is the standalone/fourth book in the delicious Fated Loves contemporary romance series.

Bella’s new roommate is none other than Hank, the guy she thought could be the one — and became her worst enemy. But as the summer heats up, so does their attraction. This time around, does fate have something else in store for them?

A truce will decide their fate.

They’re finally free to explore what could be between them. If only her meddling sisters would stay out of Bella’s way.

When Hank’s mysterious past catches up with him, he’ll rely on the strength of his new love with Bella to get him through.

If you like strong women, possessive men, bits of humor, and steamy open doors, then you’ll adore Zee Irwin’s gorgeous tale.

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