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Meadow Boyd's Voice MailZee Irwin/Zanzarella
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Sample-That Was ThenZee Irwin/Matt Haynes
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Sample-All-This-TimeZee Irwin/Matt Haynes
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This Is Fate in Audiobook 

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The first book in the Fated Loves series features the incredible voice and acting talent of Matt Haynes.

This Is Fate: A Billionaire, Friends to Lovers Romance

She’s sworn to go solo.

He’s once-bitten and twice-shy.

Together, their passion is complicated.

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Zee Irwin gets powered up by eighties hair band ballads, support from her two teenagers who make up for their lack of chore-doing with their enthusiasm, and the warmth of her golden retriever on her feet while she writes.


Inspired to share romance stories reminiscent of her time in the business world combined with her vivid imagination, Zee loves creating strong, passionate, relatable heroines who overcome whatever the world throws at them. They become successful, and of course, find that special partner who is their perfect match. Often Zee shapes her novels using experiences from her life, but she always lets her characters have more fun. Quirky, humorous, and steamy, Zee's books are sure to bring a smile to her readers' faces as they escape their everyday life—even if it's just for a little while.


When she isn't writing, Zee loves being on the road, whether that means traveling to a bucket list location, or country drives to take in the scenery. She also enjoys spending time with her family, and she lives for a good chocolate chip cookie.

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