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It is the wedding of the century and you're invited to help plan it!

Chelsea Calhoun, the bride-to-be, needs your help. 

Oh dear! Future mother-in-law Miriam Buchanan-Astor has turned into a total Momzilla, trying to micromanage the wedding planning. 

Chelsea has to admit, she's in a little over her head. She's a small town girl who just moved to New York City last year. After a whirlwind romance with Rex Buchanan, the former playboy billionaire, they're now engaged to be married.

She never thought she'd be given a blank check to plan their high society, elegant, formal wedding.

Momzilla's plans aren't going over too well with Chelsea, so let's help her out. Each week, you'll be given a chance to vote for your favorite wedding item. 

Each time you vote (once per week), you'll gain an entry into the 

Ultimate Christmas Package Giveaway by Zee Irwin.

Check back weekly to view the popular choice from everyone who voted AND don't forget to preorder It Happened One Christmas Now.

For an entry into the Ultimate Christmas Package Glveaway in connection with the release of my book, It Happened One Christmas, part of the multi-author collection, Betting On Christmas, select from the following options. Each week, there will be a new item to choose in various categories of the wedding plans (bridal gown, cake flavor, etc.). You can enter once per week when you make your selection. Each selection will be open for voting for one week at a time. The most voted-upon item will be featured here each week and in Zee's weekly newsletter. By voting, you agree to be emailed by Zee with regular updates about the Betting On Christmas Collection.


The Winner will be selected October 3rd when the book releases! The prize package includes a wine tumbler, a cozy blanket, both an ebook and a signed paperback copy of It Happened One Christmas, and a holiday ornament, along with other misc. swag Zee includes. Two other winners will each receive a signed paperback. Thanks for entering! (note: Not all readers' final selections may make it into the books.)

Week 1: B won!
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BOC wedding choices (3).png
Week 3: A won!
BOC wedding choices (5).png
Week 4: A won!
BOC wedding choices (11).png
Week 5: B won!
BOC wedding choices (13).png
Week 6: A won!
BOC wedding choices (15).png
Week 7: A won!
BOC wedding choices (18).png
Week 8, B & D won!
BOC wedding choices (20).png
Week 9, B Won!
BOC wedding choices (23).png
Week 10, B Won!
BOC wedding choices (25).png
Week 11:C won!
BOC wedding choices (4).png
Week 12:C Won!
BOC wedding choices (28).png
Current week
BOC wedding choices (32).png
Week 13:A Won!
Winner Chosen October 3rd. Good Luck!
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