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Cover Testing Page

Hello friend: Give Zee Irwin your opinion on these covers.
See below, we have different options of mock-ups for covers.

Please disregard the models and the titles, as right now,
we have only one thing we are trying to decide and that is on the blue of the background.

For the background, we are trying to go for a fireworks look, while also keeping in mind something that would go well with the Sunshine theme of the 9 titles in the series. Below, we've provided a few models on each background so you can gauge which background you feel might work best. These covers are not finished, and yes we know that in option C some models are appearing over the other models—it's all set up just to give you a feel for the direction of the covers so you can see which backgrounds look best with some of our models.

At this point, our ONLY question to you is:
Which background color do you prefer:
Option A—Light blue
Option B—Medium blue
Option C—Dark blue

Click the button below the set you vote for to register your response. There will be a general area for more specific feedback on other aspects of these covers if you'd like to share more. :)

Please note: these covers are not finished, nor have we done a cover reveal. We ask for your complete discretion in keeping these a secret and not sharing these out.

Thank you!
For participating, Zee Irwin will list your first name in the acknowledgements of her Sunshine & Secrets book.

Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 11.49.23 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 11.49.23 PM.png
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