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The Lovebirds are real!

❤❤ In books 3 and 4 of The Fated Loves, I wrote about these little birds (Did you read the books - did you find them?) I pictured in my mind these little wooden whittled sculptures that Jace made whenever he was frustrated with the world. He'd leave them around the apartment for Lily to find.

Then in book four, Bella sketched the Lovebirds quickly over breakfast one morning while she and Hank were in sort of an argument. She gave the sketch to him before he left for a work trip, mending things for the moment, telling him to look at the lovebirds on the sketch anytime he doubted her love for him.

Well—the universe has a funny way of providing! Get this:

I walked into a local chocolate shop last week to stock up for Valentine gifts for the family and to my surprise I found these tiny pink birds for sale there! They were the embodiment of what I'd been picturing. I had to buy two, of course.

And that then spawned the name "The Lovebirds" and the story I'll include in the Mrs. Right Anthology!

❤❤It's stranger than fiction sometimes how it all works out. Like it's meant to be. ❤❤

My Valentine's Day gift to my readers: a letter from Jace Delfino to his bride, Lily!

Read the love letter and sneak peek at The Lovebirds story here on my website - and Happy Valentine's Day!

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