Well done, Ms. Grant

I received a copy of this as an ARC and happy to leave a review. This story is so dang cute.

Who can't love Begonia? I feel like we could be besties because I can ramble on and on and have those moments were something oddly funny happens to me that I have to tell others about because I must notify the world about what just happened to me and get them to see the joy in the world right along with me.

And the last eligible billionaire? He's pretty darn amazing and sexy as heck that he loves Begonia for the original she is, exactly the way we all want to and deserve to be loved. I wish a certain someone in my life would listen and figure out the perfect gift for me (spoiler: this is something Hayes learns to do very well. And that makes me swoon harder than even their first kiss or first sexy bit.)

And Pippa's writing? I think this is some of her best I've read. She shows a maturity in this book that proves she's been through many years of honing her craft and can deliver a lovely gift like this book for her loyal readers to gobble up.

Well done, Ms. Grant, well done.

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