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From the minds of Zee Irwin & Grace Grahme comes a new series about bad boy billionaires.

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Book 1:
Rich Rogue

Capri Vitale

Dirty. I’m sick of dirty money.

And because of my family, I'm swimming in it.

I've tried my best to get away and I'm almost there.

This next deal will set me free.

Away from my brother's overbearing ways, and away from his best friend...who's as dirty as he is.

Now if I could just figure out why I still want him when he's as dirty as they come.


King Williams

She thinks my money's dirty?

Ha. She needs to look down her nose at her brother, not me.

He's my best friend, but he's the one who hasn't broken free of gambling's dark side.

And his perfect little sister? She's tormented my dreams for way too long.

But she's untouchable...and wants nothing to do with me.

If I had my way?

I'd show her while I'm not dirty, I can be absolutely filthy.

About the Authors

Zee Irwin is a shot of sunshine who believes everything works out the way it should, while Grace Grahme diligently pours over all the data for proof. Zee writes about small town billionaires, while Grace travels afar to Scotland to write about her rich men. Zee prefers a good old-fashioned root beer float, while Grace Grahme whips up craft cocktails from recipes she pulls off the internet. 

They might be total opposites, but together, they form a dynamic writing duo in steamy contemporary romance.

From swoon-worthy billionaires to sizzling small towns, from light suspense to paranormal, their stories will leave you breathless, and always wanting more. 

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