Steamy Small Town Holiday Romance

It’s not who you know . . . but who you become on the way to finding love.

Nicoletta always had big dreams. Often focused on herself, she didn’t win awards for friendship on her road to success.


One accident and one big break later, she landed in front of a music mogul’s son—Chris Krangle, the man with the biggest heart on this side of Nashville.

Will she reinvent herself to win him over? 

This steamy, small town love story will have you swooning for a happy ever after under the mistletoe.

Read more in The Off-Duty Holiday Series coming soon from Zee Irwin.

About the Off-Duty Holiday Series

The holidays again? Not everyone is thrilled. Join Nicoletta and the rest of the cast of characters as they navigate the holidays they hate the most all year—and try to avoid falling in love along the way.

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Zee Irwin's story, Off-Duty Holiday, appears in this anthology to start the series off. 

Off-Duty Holiday

Ten years was a long time for Will to be away in the Army, in and out of war zones. But it had kept him away from his meddling mother. 

Now, off-duty, tired and ready for things to change, when Will returned to town to surprise his sister, he wasn’t prepared for her best friend, Ava, to instantly tug at his heart strings.


Writing romance novels turned into a full-time career for Ava, but she felt like a fraud. 

She had never actually had a great romance—yet. A visit to the beach for the holiday could change all of that when her best friend’s brother showed up unexpectedly.


When family ties proved too much over Christmas, Will proposes a fake dating arrangement with Ava to provide the needed relief from family drama.


But will real sparks fly between them or will they keep the fake part of the arrangement—and both miss a chance for long-lasting romance?

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