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Enjoy Seducing Santa, now as the prequel to Sunshine & Secrets.

My brother thinks the water in Kissing Springs has a way of bringing out the romance. He might be right.

After the day I've had, I only need one thing. A night with a woman like our bartender with the pink hair. 

But things aren't exactly as they seem. When Miss Sexy Pink Hair invites me in, I'm suddenly saving the day like the hero I never was before.

Later, when she seeks me out to thank me properly, she has her way with me. I'm not complaining. 

A business deal gone awry. Getting closer to my brother. Helping a damsel in distress. And a one-night stand putting some spunk back into my soul. Life is okay. At least, I'm happy, for now.

In this prequel to the 2023 release of Sunshine & Secrets, Charles Montgomery gets a little taste of happiness in an unforgettable one-night stand. 

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Book Description for Sunshine & Secrets, releasing June 6, 2023:

A billionaire. A distressed nanny. An intimate affair. And a mystery the small town can’t contain.

Returning to his hometown of Kissing Springs, Charles Montgomery hopes for a quieter life for his children’s sake. The busy single father CEO has no time for relationships. But since hiring beguiling Sara Simms, the new nanny, their life has been anything but simple. Soon fun and laughter fills the home because of her, and Charles finds himself drawn to her. He lets his guard down, and their intimacy turns his nights warmer.

Falling in love was never this easy before. He’s suddenly a believer—that Kissing Springs, as the Romance Capital of the South, has a way of bringing about romance. Even for the most hard of hearts like him. He’s waiting for someone to pinch him awake from this dream.

And someone lurking in the shadows does. Secrets come out that could end all this small town bliss. Will Sara run, or will she stay so they can uncover the truth—together?

Will secrets tear everything they have apart?

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Welcome to Kissing Springs, the Romance Capital of the South.

In this collection of steamy summer romance set in Kissing Springs, nine authors bring you standalone stories from single dads to second chances, ex-military to sports romance. There’s someone for everyone.


So find a chair poolside or at the beach and settle in for a collection of small town stories that will keep you hot all summer.

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