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Prequel to:
That Was Then
(Book 2 of Fated Loves)

It's a whole new ball game with her.

Enjoy this sweet look at how Bronson and Cassidy met in college. (But their second chance in That Was Then is anything but sweet - it's steamy good, just like all the Zee novels.)

Can a record-breaking year lead best friends into a whole new ball game together?

Bronson Maxwell: It all began the week before classes started. I had major league goals to strive for in my senior year of college when I announced I didn’t need a girlfriend, the distractions, or the drama. But wasn’t it typical? Just when I swore off chicks for a while, Fate put a good one in my path: Cassidy Masters. 


If I put her in the friend zone, would my body would stop reacting the way it did around her? 

Cassidy Masters: I sat behind the most popular and hottest guy on campus as often as I could, because it was the only way I would ever be that close to Bronson. If I was honest with myself, then yes, the scent of Bronson’s Big Red cinnamon gum breath in combination with whatever cologne he reached for after baseball practice might have had something to do with my C minus in Econ class. I understood Bronson’s no dating policy. I had big goals and dreams, too, and I'd let nothing stop me. But it could be lonely being so driven.

How could I convince Bronson that I was the only friend he needed to keep him sane on his drive to success?

With a little humor and a passionate couple you’ll root for, enjoy this interview with Cassidy and Bronson, as they tell us all about the first time they met in college. And be sure to check out the entire Fated Loves series at

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