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Welcome to Kissing Springs Series

1 Small Town 9 Authors 3 Seasons 27 Books

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Zee Irwin's books in the series:

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The pull of the stage or the heart of the home? Which will Dillon choose?

Dillon's dreams of making it big on the country music scene shattered to pieces, but he received no sympathy from his brother. Charles sent him on a mission to deliver some bad news to the mayor of their old hometown of Kissing Springs.


Only he didn’t plan on running into Meadow Boyd as the new mayor, and ruining her plans with his brother's schemes.


When the old sparks from their high school days returned, one look into Meadow's baby blue eyes and Dillon knew—he’d work real hard to make her hopes and dreams come true in more ways than one.

Welcome to Kissing Springs, where romance and Christmas miracles come true—sometimes both at once.

In this new collection of steamy holiday romance, ten authors bring you standalone stories from single dads to second chances, ex-military to sports romance. There’s someone for everyone. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle in for a collection of stories that will keep you warm all winter.

Available formats: Ebook, Paperback, Audiobook

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The billionaire boss needs a nanny, and my diva rock star sister kindly volunteers my services. Like I don’t have enough to do keeping her life in order. But when she jets off to Vegas for a quickie divorce, she leaves me behind in his small town.

One thing leads to another, and I’ll spend my summer taking care of his kids. The twins are adorable—even if their father is a grumpy jerk and a tall, dark-haired, rich, blue-eyed, muscular man who needs to learn the meaning of work and life balance.

As the summer heats, so does our attraction. Soon, I'm finding my voice and singing my songs, and we can’t stay away from each other. The bosshole surprises me with a softer, protective, nurturing side. His girls adore me and I could be falling for all of them... Could this be the family I’ve been wanting?


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