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how i swooned hard for this one...

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Cover Reveal!
Y'all - Whitney G. was one of the first romance authors I read years ago. I can't wait for this new one! 

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Bronson Maxwell: It all began the week before classes started. I had major league goals to strive for in my senior year of college when I announced I didn’t need a girlfriend, the distractions, or the drama. But wasn’t it typical? Just when I swore off chicks for a while, Fate put a good one in my path.

Cassidy Masters: I sat behind the most popular and hottest guy on campus as often as I could, because it was the only way I would ever be that close to Bronson. I understood Bronson’s no dating policy. I had big goals and dreams, too, and I'd let nothing stop me. But being so driven was lonely.

How could I convince Bronson that I was the only thing he needed to keep him sane on his drive to success?

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