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Read this steamy holiday romance now:

It Happened One Christmas by Zee Irwin


Will this be my last Christmas as a Miss?

My move to New York City, away from my small town and everyone I know, does not involve falling for the grumpy billionaire at my new job. But I do, and now . . .

By this time next year, I could have Rex Buchanon saying I do and eating wedding cake out of my hands.

Introducing: The Betting On Christmas Collection
A big city billionaire with a bride from a small town. A high society New York City wedding with a momzilla being bossy boots. And a bridal party with one crazy bet.

Will the bridesmaids and groomsmen find their own dates to the wedding of the century this Christmas, or will they all fall victim to Momzilla's decree?

Find out in this romance collection by ten bestselling authors.

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