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The Hot Knights

Steamy Small Town Romance

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Offshoot Series by Zee Irwin

A related series to Zee Irwin's
Kissing Springs Collection

My Hot Summer Knight: A Steamy Small Town Brother's Best Friend Romance


One stolen kiss was all it took to break my heart. One fake romance could put it back together again.

The guy I crushed on ever since I was a pimple-faced teen is about to take his clothes off in front of me. It’s no big deal. Just golden skin and bulging muscles honed from his previous years in the Army. This won’t be any different from any other man I’ve seen running around without clothes on at the new Hot Derby Nights All-Male Revue in Kissing Springs.

But this is Andrew Stockey, my older brother’s best friend and former captain of the baseball team, who never acknowledged I even existed in high school. Except that one night after my graduation party, when he stole my heart with a kiss.

He still avoids me, years later, now that he’s back in Kissing Springs. Until his popularity rises being a part of the Hot Derby Nights. When he suddenly faces too much female attention around town, I fall into being a convenience as his fake girlfriend. Soon, we make a deal that’ll benefit us both, and promise nothing will change, just two friends helping each other out.

But things do change. I want him all for me, for real, forever.

How can I get Andrew to acknowledge his true feelings run deeper for me than he cares to admit?

Enjoy this steamy low-angst summer romance standalone set in the small town of Kissing Springs.

Author note: You’ll recognize settings and characters related to the Welcome to Kissing Springs Collection. This story was expanded from a former short story, The Second Interview by Zee Irwin.

Read the next in the series, coming soon:

My Hot Autumn Knight: A steamy small town romance


Just when Andrew finally confesses his feelings for Jayne, her brother comes home, returning from years away in the service. 

How will Nate feel learning his old high school friend put the moves on his little sister?

Or maybe he'll be too busy putting the moves on someone new to town to notice?


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More Knights Coming Soon.
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Complete reading order list for Zee's Kissing Springs Collection

Start here:

Prequel to Welcome to Kissing Springs

Written with Peggy McKenzie, this tells the origin story of the feud between the Montgomerys and the Boyds as it started in the 1800s.

Prologue to Single Santa

Read about Meadow Boyd’s famous flannel bonfire incident after she broke up with her ex.

Single Santa

In this second chance romance, Dillon Montgomery returns to town and reignites the flame he once had with Meadow Boyd. 

Mister Montgomery

Charles Montgomery’s plans go awry in Single Santa, but can he redeem himself by being a hero for one night?

Sunshine & Secrets

Charles Montgomery moves back to Kissing Springs with his twin girls, hoping to start over and help Dillon in his business. He never expects to find love again until Sara Simms becomes his new nanny.

Bourbon & Bliss

Robbie Boyd loves his small town role as police chief, but when Sara’s sister, Prima, comes to town, his small world goes crazy. But then, what does he expect from the wild rockstar diva? 

My Hot Summer Knight

Those stripping Santas from the Kissing Springs Derby Nights All-Male Revue Crew (From my book Single Santa) are now moonlighting as security guards...and when they have hot women around, they get really protective! 

More to come in the Kissing Springs world in 2024.

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