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Spicy small town romance:


By USA Today Bestselling Authors:
Zee Irwin & Britney Bell

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Mia's more than Teddy's professor. She's the little sister of his best friend, but that's not why she's off-limits. 

I'm back after two tours of duty and ten years, finally reentering civilian life. A college degree seems a logical next step. As soon as I enter my first class and see who my professor is, all logic flies out the window. Soon I'm leaving more than apples on her desk, and she's tutoring me in private. 

Now I’m being accused by meddling campus police of stalking her? No way, but there are other forces working against us. It's up to me to convince Mia we were always meant to be.

Everything from this point forward is a test of all my limits. Will she give me an A+ for extra effort?

This book previously appeared as part of the Tease Me Anthology.

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Is it possible to have it all—both success in the boardroom and the hot bartender?

So, I walk into a bar… Don’t worry, this isn’t the start of a joke. Diego, the owner of Mi Casa Bar, is tending to my every need with the best customer service around—and he clearly wants to take this to the bedroom. 


He’s young and built and successful, all the things I like in a man. Why not?


Only I’m the newly appointed president of the university, having earned the position after a scandal rocked the campus. 


The pressure is on, as a well-respected Latina woman, to bolster the school’s image. I must appear the model of propriety; no room for fooling around here.


With the chairman of the board eying my every move, Diego and I enter a convenient arrangement between friends and enjoy all the  benefits of our clandestine meetups as well. 


But how long can we keep this up before reality crashes in, forcing me to realize there’s more at stake here than just a good time…but my heart?


Cruz Reyes is home from the military, but he’s honor bound to uphold a promise. Only will love get in the way?

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