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It Happened One Christmas: A Grumpy & Sunshine, City vs. Country, Billionaire Christmas Romance


This could be my last Christmas as a Miss...
My plan to move to New York City, away from my small town and everyone I know, does not involve falling for the grumpy, hot, annoyingly handsome playboy billionaire at my new job. But I do—every time Rex Buchanan walks into my deli with his smirk as he eyes my soon-to-be award-winning pastrami sandwich.

While I’m finally following my dream and taking over my Uncle’s Manhattan deli, how dare Rex put down my culinary skills? Just because I add a little flare to New York’s most popular sandwich? I’ll show him, and soon, thanks to my mad social media skills, people are lining up out the door for my daily specials.

Despite the size of the city, now I seem to run into Rex everywhere. It’s almost as if people are conspiring to put us in the same places at the same time, and the more time I’m forced to spend with him, I realize how much we have in common. While he may grumble at everyone else, I think I’ve found a way into his softer side—through his stomach. Soon, I can hardly believe it, but I might reform the playboy bosshole and fall for him.

By this time next year, I could have Rex saying I do and eating wedding cake out of my hands.

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